ISTQB Certified in AI Testing

This introductory certification course to Artificial Intelligence (AI), gives you a broad insight into the AI methods used to test AI-based solutions and how AI-based solutions can be used to test other IT-systems.

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Course description

Learning objective

This fundamental course to AI, Artificial Intelligence, gives you a broad insight into the AI methods used to test AI-based solutions and how AI-based solutions can be used to test other IT-systems. Furthermore the following outcome:

  • Understand the current state and expected trends of AI
  • Experience the implementation and testing of a ML model and recognize where testers can best influence its quality
  • Understand the challenges associated with testing AI-Based systems, such as their self-learning capabilities, bias, ethics, complexity, non-determinism, transparency and explainability
  • Contribute to the test strategy for an AI-Based system
  • Design and execute test cases for AI-based systems
  • Recognize the special requirements for the test infrastructure to support the testing of AI-based systems
  • Understand how AI can be used to support software testing

Target audience

The ISTQB Certified in AI Testing aimed at people who are seeking to extend their understanding of artificial intelligence and/or deep (machine) learning, most specifically testing AI based systems and using AI to test.


To achieve the CT-AI certification, candidates must hold the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certificate, but now a prerequisite to attend the course.

Furthermore, we recommend that you have:

  • Knowledge and understanding of programming language – Java/Python/R
  • Knowledge and understanding of statistics
  • Experience with software development and testing

Course overview

Over the course of 4 intensive days, you will be taught in the subjects included in the exam. The course contains both a theoretical review, practical exercises, and discussion. There will be a high degree of participant involvement.

Prior to course start, expect to prepare by reading approximately 10 hours from the curriculum. During the course you should expect 2 hours of homework every day after class.

The course materials and exam are in English.

Exam format

The exam is an official ISTQB-exam. The 1-hour exam has 40 multiple choice questions, and no assistance is permitted. You must answer at least 65% of the questions correctly to pass. Participants that take the exam not in their spoken language, will receive additional 25% time, and will have 15 minutes more, or a total of 75 min.


Our instructors are not only used to teaching software testing and in Artificial Intelligence — they also have many years of practical experience from various IT projects, to give you the best possible instruction and acquisition. We are offering this course with a partner trainer, who is expert within Artificial Intelligence.

Course content

The course is an official ISTQB-course and covers:

  • Introduction to AI
  • Quality Characteristics for AI-Based Systems
  • Machine Learning (ML)
    • Overview
    • Data
    • Functional Performance Metrics
    • Neural Networks and Testing
  • Testing AI-Based Systems
    • Overview
    • Testing AI-Specific Quality Characteristics
    • Methods and Techniques
    • Test Environments
  • Using AI for Testing


This is a 4 days course plus a 1-hour exam.

ISTQB Certified in AI Testing

ISTQB Certified in AI Testing

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