Trainers with years of practical experience

Lars Bjørstrup

Lars has experience in most disciplines within an IT project. He has worked as a developer, test manager, and test specialist, among other roles, in various IT projects. In addition to his general testing experience, Lars has great expertise in testing tools. He has held positions at several major tool vendors, including IBM Rational, Mercury (now HP), and Compuware. Lars also has a background as an illustrator and has provided illustrations for books, newspapers, and other professional contexts. He has won several awards for his IT teaching skills.

Enzo Henriksen

Enzo have been working with IT for the last 38 years in many areas of the IT business in Denmark and abroad. This has given me a substantial knowledge of the business.  Enzo started out as a programmer, but have since 2000 worked with Quality assurance, Test, and corresponding functions. During the years he has gained experience with all areas of QA and Test (automation), from requirements over the different test levels and techniques to acceptance test and test management (project), multinational teams, outsourcing and advising about agile and DevOps transformation.  In 2016 Enzo started his own consultancy and have since 2020 been teaching courses such as Test management, Test I agile projects etc.

Thomas Johannesson

Thomas has extensive practical experience with technical testing and test tools. In addition to a background as a developer, for the past 15 years, he has implemented, advised, and taught the use of test administration tools, test automation, and performance testing. This experience spans both classic waterfall projects and agile teams. He is certified at the ISTQB Foundation level, and with his training as an IT engineer, he possesses a broad knowledge of software development and the elements involved in ensuring high quality in an efficient manner.

Maja Andresen

Maja has over 20 years of experience with IT projects and quality assurance of IT solutions. She has previously worked at organizations such as Danske Bank and Ørsted, where her roles have ranged from Tester, Test Manager, Test Mentor, and Manager. For 4 years, she also held professional responsibility for Test Management throughout Ørsted, which included testing concepts, resource management, and initiatives across the organization, such as automation and agile transformation. Today, in addition to being a teacher, she is also an advisory consultant in testing and QA and runs her own coaching business.

Annemette Clement

Annemette holds a master’s degree in IT and product development from Aarhus University and has worked as a consultant in testing and quality assurance since 2016. She has assisted many clients in various industries as a Test Mentor, Test Manager, QA Analyst, and Technical Tester. Since 2018, Annemette has been teaching and training course participants in testing and quality assurance through both standard courses and customized practical courses. Among other qualifications, she is accredited to teach ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Agile Tester Extension, ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst, and ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst. Additionally, she has taught numerous TMAP certification courses and, notably, practical test courses

Stine Kastfelt

Stine has been working with IT since 1995 and has been teaching testing and quality assurance since 2011. From 2011 to 2016, she was employed at TestHuset as a Test Mentor and instructor, where she taught courses such as ISTQB Foundation, Advanced Test Analyst, and Advanced Test Manager. Additionally, Stine has also taught some of our practical testing courses, such as Test Techniques, Basic Testing, and Risk-Based Testing, among others. She has instructed clients and students at all levels in various industries. She herself is certified in ISTQB Foundation, Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Test Analyst, as well as IPMA Project Management Level D and ITIL – IT Service Management Foundation.

Viepul Kocher

Viepul Kocher is an ex-Adobe engineer and IIT alumnus with a 25-year experience in Software Development and Testing industry. Besides being the creator of AiU – the world’s first AI testing certification, DoU – DevOps united – world’s first DevOps and testing certification, Viepul is also President of the Indian Testing – ISTQB Board, Convenor of STeP-IN forum and National Convenor of Indica Academy, to name a few.

Helge Nymand

Helge has worked with technical testing of IT solutions in many years in diverse industries such as finance, pensions, insurance, retail, administration, and defense. My passion for testing revolves around creating well-functioning solutions that provide end-users with the excellent experience they deserve. I love tinkering with technology, but even more so, collaborating with other talented individuals towards a common goal. Therefore, I am happy and proud to work in Trifork Quality Intelligence’s department for Technology and Innovation, where we, in collaboration with clients, explore and cultivate new ways to detect and prevent errors in IT solutions.

Jens Riggelsen

Jens is a trained computer scientist who primarily works as a Developer and with automation tools. He is also certified in software testing (ISTQB + Agile Extension), which allows him to have a foot in both camps. With a background as a lecturer at the Science Museums in Aarhus, Jens has accumulated over 2,000 hours of experience as a teacher and communicator of complex topics. At TestHuset, he teaches the course Basic SQL for Testers.