ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst

The ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst certification provides the skills needed to perform structured and thorough software testing across the software development life cycle. It goes into detail about the test analyst’s role and responsibilities in every step of a standard test process and expands on important test techniques.

Learning objectives

A candidate who has achieved the Advanced Level Test Analyst certification should be able to:

  • Perform the appropriate testing activities based on the software development life cycle being used
  • Determine the proper prioritization of the testing activities based on the information provided by the risk analysis
  • Select and apply appropriate test techniques to ensure that tests provide an adequate level of confidence, based on defined coverage criteria
  • Provide the appropriate level of documentation relevant to their testing activities
  • Determine the appropriate types of functional testing to be performed
  • Work effectively in a usability testing team
  • Effectively participate in requirements / user story reviews with stakeholders, applying knowledge of typical mistakes made in work products
    • Improve the efficiency of the test process with the use of tools

Target audience

The ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst course is a certification course for software testers who wish to increase their knowledge of testing techniques. It is also recommended for test co-ordinators, test managers, and other responsible for testing at all levels. Regardless of your expectations, our experience in teaching this course is that students who have been trained specifically in testing techniques (e.g., in the Testing Techniques course we offer) have a greater chance of succeeding on the exam.


ISTQB Foundation certification is a prerequisite for this course.

Course and Exam format

The first 2 modules of the course consist of a full review of the curriculum.  The 3rd module will be a full day of practice before the exam. Our courses are marked by a high level of individual activity.  All theory is tested through practice tasks and cases. Expect 20-30 hours of preparation before the course, as well as 10-20 hours between modules.

Exam format

The exam is a 3-hour, advanced multiple choice test based on a series of cases. There are approximately 65 questions, and you must answer at least 65% correctly to pass the exam.

In-House training?

If you are more than 5 people from same organisation, it can be beneficial to consider the course as in-house training. We conduct the course exclusively for your employees, either as standard as described or tailored to your needs.

Advantages of in-house training

  • Financial savings for more than 5 people
  • Intensive exchange of experiences and knowledge sharing
  • Employees gain a common understanding of the subject
  • Opportunity for unique customization based on your own methods and processes

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ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst

ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst

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Course content

1. The Test Analyst’s Tasks in the Test Process

  • Testing in the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Design
  • Test Implementation
  • Test Execution

2. The Test Analyst’s Tasks in Risk-Based Testing

3. Test Techniques

  • Black-Box Test Techniques
  • Experience-Based Test Techniques
  • Applying the Most Appropriate Test Techniques


We work with more than 9 different testing techniques:

    • Equivalence partitioning
    • Boundary value analysis
    • Decision tables
    • Cause-effect graphs
    • State transition testing
    • Classification trees
    • Pairwise testing
    • Use case testing
    • User story testing
    • Domain analysis
    • Defect- and experience-based techniques.

4. Testing Software Quality Characteristics

5. Reviews

  • Using Checklists in Reviews

6. Test Tools and Automation

  • Test Tools and Automation
  • Types of Test Tools


Meet our Trainers

Annemette Clement

Meet Annemette – She is a accomplished QA mentor and trainer with a master’s degree in IT and product development and has worked as a consultant in testing and quality assurance since 2016. Her expertise spans Test mentor, Test Management, QA Analysis, and Technical Testing across diverse industries. She holds accreditations to instruct in globally recognized certifications such as ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Agile Tester Extension, ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst, and ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst. Additionally, she has taught numerous TMAP certification courses and, notably, practical test courses.

Stine Kastfelt

Meet Stine – One of our experts and trainers in Test Management, Testing and QA! Stine has been working with IT since 1995 and has been teaching testing and quality assurance since 2011. She has educated people in every industry in everything from ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst, ISTQB Advanced Test Manager as well as a brought range of practical hands on courses.