Introduction to DORA

Join us for an insightful one-day course designed to equip you with a foundational understanding of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and its implications for the financial sector. Our expert-led training will navigate you through the complexities of DORA, ensuring you are well-prepared to enhance your organization’s digital operational resilience.

Learning objectives

  • Expert-led training on DORA’s requirements and impact
  • Insights into managing information and communication technology (ICT) risk and third-party risks
  • Understanding of incident reporting requirements and mechanisms under DORA
  • Guidance on digital operational resilience testing
  • Interactive Q&A sessions with security experts
  • Networking opportunities with financial sector professionals

Target audience

The course is aimed at financial entities, ICT-third-party service providers and other interest groups that would benefit from gaining an overview of DORA, understanding its requirements and obligations. This course offers critical insights and practical guidance for all stakeholders affected by DORA, ensuring they are prepared to initiate activities withing their respective organizations.

Course format

The course is an in-person session focused on the exploration of the DORA and its impact on the financial sector. While the course is grounded in the theoretical foundations of the regulation, it emphasizes applicability through discussions on how these principles can be implemented practically. The course will be conducted in English.

In-house training

If you are more than 5 people from same organisation, it can be beneficial to consider the course as in-house training. We conduct the course exclusively for your employees, either as standard as described or tailored to your needs.

In-house training offers several benefits. It can lead to financial savings when training more than five people. This approach fosters intensive exchange of experiences and encourages knowledge sharing among employees. Additionally, it helps in building a common understanding of the subject matter among the workforce. Furthermore, in-house training provides the opportunity for unique customization based on a company’s specific methods and processes.

Introduction to DORA

Introduction to DORA

In-house training or questions?

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Course content

1. Overview of DORA including introduction to the regulation, its scope, and objectives

2. Identifying, assessing, and mitigating ICT risks

3. Procedures for reporting ICT-related incidents as per DORA requirements

4. Understanding the resilience testing requirements under DORA

5. Roles and responsibilities of the management body in ensuring DORA compliance

6. Scenarios illustrating the application and impact of DORA provisions

Interactive Q&A Sessions with the opportunity to gain additional insight into DORA with our experts


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