ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

The ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager certification provides the knowledge and competencies to take responsibility for managing all the testing activities across the software development lifecycle. It covers everything from how to design a suitable test approach for the project based on the organizational test strategy to building a test team or testing competencies to complete the necessary testing.

Learning objectives

A candidate who has achieved the Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Manager certification should be able to:

  • Manage a testing project by implementing the mission, goals and testing processes established for the testing organization
  • Organize and lead risk identification and risk analysis sessions and use the results of such sessions for test estimation, planning, monitoring and control
  • Create and implement test plans consistent with organizational policies and test strategies
  • Continuously monitor and control the test activities to achieve project objectives
  • Assess and report relevant and timely test status to project stakeholders
  • Identify skills and resource gaps in their test team and participate in sourcing adequate resources
  • Identify and plan necessary skills development within their test team
  • Propose a business case for test activities which outlines the costs and benefits expected;
  • Ensure proper communication within the test team and with other project stakeholders
  • Participate in and lead test process improvement initiatives

Target audience

ISTQB Foundation certification is a prerequisite for this course. Students are working as testing co-ordinators, test managers, or in another position responsible for testing at any level.

Course and exam format

The first 2 modules of the course consist of a full review of the curriculum. The 3rd module will be a full day of practice before the exam. Our courses are marked by a high level of individual activities. All theory is tested through practice tasks and cases. Expect 20-30 hours of preparation before the course, as well as 10-20 hours between modules.

Exam format

The exam is a 3-hour, advanced multiple choice test based on a series of cases. There are approximately 65 questions, and you must answer at least 65% correctly to pass.

Preparation and Homework

You should expect to spend 20-30 hours reading the course material before the start of the course, as well as 2 hours of homework each evening during the course.

In-house training

If you are more than 5 people from same organisation, it can be beneficial to consider the course as in-house training. We conduct the course exclusively for your employees, either as standard as described or tailored to your needs.

In-house training offers several benefits. It can lead to financial savings when training more than five people. This approach fosters intensive exchange of experiences and encourages knowledge sharing among employees. Additionally, it helps in building a common understanding of the subject matter among the workforce. Furthermore, in-house training provides the opportunity for unique customization based on a company’s specific methods and processes.

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

In-house training or questions?

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Course content

1. Testing Process

  • Test Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Design
  • Test Implementation
  • Test Execution
  • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting
  • Test Closure Activities

2. Test Management

  • Test Management in Context
  • Risk-Based Testing and Other Approaches for Test Prioritization and Effort Allocation
  • Test Documentation and Other Work Products
  • Test Estimation
  • Defining and Using Test Metrics
  • Business Value of Testing
  • Distributed, Outsourced, and Insourced Testing
  • Managing the Application of Industry Standards

3. Reviews

  • Management Reviews and Audits
  • Managing Reviews
  • Metrics for Reviews
  • Managing Formal Reviews

4. Defect Management

  • The Defect Lifecycle and the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Defect Report Information
  • Assessing Process Capability with Defect Report Information

5. Improving the Testing Process

  • Test Improvement Process
  • Improving the Test Process
  • Improving the Test Process with TMMi
  • Improving the Test Process with TPI Next
  • Improving the Test Process with CTP
  • Improving the Test Process with STEP

6. Test Tools and Automation

  • Tool Selection
  • Tool Lifecycle
  • Tool Metrics

7. People Skills – Team Composition

  • Individual Skills
  • Test Team Dynamics
  • Fitting Testing Within an Organization
  • Motivation
  • Communication


Meet our Trainers

Lars Bjørstrup

Meet Lars, the Lead Education Architect and instructor. He holds a degree in computer science, is a certified teacher, and has been working with IT in various forms. Lars has experience with testing and quality management tools through his carreer.rnLars has a background as a professional illustrator, having designed books and newspaper covers, among other things. His ability to draw and facilitate is used extensively in his courses, to the delight of the participants. Lars teaches a range of courses, including ISTQB Foundation, Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Technical Test Analyst, Agile Extension, and everything in between.

Stine Kastfelt

Meet Stine – One of our experts and trainers in Test Management, Testing and QA! Stine has been working with IT since 1995 and has been teaching testing and quality assurance since 2011. She has educated people in every industry in everything from ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst, ISTQB Advanced Test Manager as well as a brought range of practical hands on courses.