ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer

ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer is an intensive certification course aimed for you who wishing to contribute to the software development process by integrating and implementing Test Automation.

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Course description

Learning objectives

You will at this intensive course receive an internationally recognized certification in test automation, testifying the following abilities:

  • A professional and structured approach to test automation
  • An understanding of pros and cons of test automation
  • Identifying technical success factors of a test automation project
  • Analyzing a system to determine the appropriate automation solution
  • Explaining the structure of Generic Test Automation Architecture
  • An understanding the reusability of components
  • An understanding of test automation risks and deployment risks
  • Identifying which factors lessen maintainability
  • Applying criteria for determining the suitability of tests for automation
  • An understanding of the factors in transitioning from manual to automated testing

Target Audience

This certification course is aimed at the software tester, technical tester, test analyst, developer, or anyone wishing to improve their prerequisites for understanding and implementing test automation. You don’t need to have a technical background to participate in this course, but you do need to pass the ISTQB/ISEB Foundation exam before taking an advanced level exam.

Course format

During the 3 days of the course the syllabus will be covered. Our courses are characterized by a high level of activity, as the theory is supported by examples and exercises. You should expect about 20-30 hours of preparation prior to the course, and 1-2 hours of homework each night during the course. The course material and the exam will both be in English.


Our teachers not only have experience teaching software testing, they also have years of practical experience from working different IT-projects. This gives you the best conditions for learning along with the knowledge of best practice. For that reason they get an average score of 4,96 out of 5 when rated by participants.

Course contents

The ISTQB syllabus for Advanced Test Automation Engineer includes:

  • Purpose of test automation
  • Preparing for test automation
  • The generic test automation architecture
  • Deployment risks and contingencies
  • Test automation reporting and metrics
  • Transitioning manual testing to an automated environment
  • Verifying the automated test suites
  • Continuous improvement

Exam structure

The exam is developed by the Danish division of ISTQB, the Danish Software Testing Board (DSTB) and is administered by Dansk IT.  The exam is a 1,5-hour, advanced multiple choice test based on a series of cases.  There are approximately 40 questions, and you must answer at least 65% correctly to pass the exam. 


The course lasts 3 days plus exam.

ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer

ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer

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