Fundamentals of SoapUI

Fundamentals of SoapUI is a tool-based course that gives you the basic skills to do web services testing and to make an effective integrations test.

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Course description

Learning objectives

You will gain basic knowledge of how to ensure quality and use SoapUI when working with SOA and web service projects. You will become better at:

  • Working with both SOAP and REST in SoapUI
  • Understanding how to build and work with services
  • Co-operating with web service developers
  • Building effective, structured tests
  • Maintaining a self-developed API client
  • Understanding basic SCHEMA, XML, JSON, WSDL, WADL, SOAP, and REST
  • Understanding where and how you can use SoapUI in your organisation

You’ll also get lots of tips and tricks you can use when you continue working with SoapUI at home.


Target audience

This course is for everyone in testing and development teams who wants to be involved in designing, developing, and testing services, as well as supporting a structured and automated approach with the help of SoapUI. Prior knowledge of similar tools is not expected, but basic knowledge of web services will be an advantage, but not a requirement.


Course overview

The course runs for two days, during which participants will learn to operate and work with SoapUI through examples and practical exercises. The course is based on active participant involvement and many hands-on exercises to ensure you can immediately apply the knowledge you gained after the end of the course.



Our instructors are not only used to teaching software testing — they also have many years of practical experience from various IT projects, as well as knowledge of best practices, so you get the best instruction possible. They receive an average of 4.6/5 in reviews from students.


Course contents

This course is a great way to get started with SoapUI. It includes:

  • An introduction to terms like Schema, XML, endpoints, payload, XPath, JSON, WSDL, WADL, SOAP, and REST
  • An introduction to SoapUI and service testing
  • Structuring and building of tests using assertions and Groovy scripting
  • Test execution and reporting
  • Intro to expanded SoapUI-functionality (DevOps)
  • Web service virtualisation
  • Load and performance testing with SoapUI


The course lasts 2 days.

Fundamentals of SoapUI

Fundamentals of SoapUI

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