Online courses – Participate safely from home

There are plenty of opportunities for developing your IT-skills from home with the many online courses offered by TriforkQI

Our experience with online courses is very good and within the past year we have optimized the format, so that we do not compromise with the quality. Our course participants therefore evaluate the online courses to the same level as our physical courses.

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Facts about our online courses:

We care a lot about the quality of our online courses.

  • High involvement– We ensure active participation such as group exercises, individual tasks, and discussions in plenum.
  • Physical material and notes –We offer physical materials, so that you can take notes by hand whilst the course is being held.
  • Module build-up– Our courses are build-up by modules with plenty of small breaks, so that the participants are ready to always learn.

Former participants

Generally, our online courses receive great feedback, and they are evaluated at the same high level as our physical courses. This also applies to our pass rate on courses with an exam. This is still at approx. 93% for the online participants.

Jasmin Colón, ISTQB Foundation online participant

” Great praise to TriforkQI and teacher, Lars Bjørstrup, for their first completion of ISTQB Foundation online. I would highly recommend this course.”

Sven Jauffred, ISTQB Foundation online participant

” I appreciated all the practical exercises during the course rather than just theoretical walk-throughs. Generally, I think that the online format worked very well.”

Lars Bakmann, ISTQB Foundation online participant

“The online course exceeded all expectations; partly because Lars manages to make the course lively and interesting; helped by his drawling skills, but certainly also because there is no doubt, that Lars is an experienced gentleman who knows what he talks about!”

Contact and questions

If you have any questions regarding our online courses or special needs for an online course, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us at or call us at +45 44 979 979.