ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst is an intensive certification programme for technical testers who want to be more structured and increase the value of their work in technical testing.



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Learning objectives

This intensive programme will give you an internationally recognised certification in software testing, as well as the following other benefits:

  • A professional approach to technical software testing
  • Increased knowledge of different techniques for test design
  • More resources for software quality assurance using technical tests.
  • Increased knowledge of work tasks for a technical tester role

Target audience

This certification programme is for software testers, technical testers, test analysts, developers, and anyone who wants to get better at understanding and working with technical tests. You do not need a technical background, but an ability to read and understand pseudocode is expected. In order to take the advanced-level exam, you must have passed the ISTQB/ISEB Foundation exam.

Course overview

The course’s first module (3 days) consists of a full review of the curriculum. The 2nd module consists of a full day of practice before the exam. Our courses are marked by a high level of individual activity. Theory material will be supplemented with examples and practice problems. Expect 20-30 hours of preparation before the course, 10-20 hours between modules, and 1-2 hours of homework in the evenings during the course. The materials and exam are in English, but instruction and discussion will be in Danish.

Exam format

The exam is developed by the Danish division of ISTQB, the Danish Software Testing Board (DSTB) and is administered by Dansk IT.  The exam is a 3-hour, advanced multiple choice test based on a series of cases.  There are approximately 65 questions, and you must answer at least 65% correctly to pass the exam.


Our instructors are not only used to teaching software testing — they also have many years of practical experience from various IT projects, as well as knowledge of best practices, so you get the best instruction possible. They receive an average of 4.6/5 in reviews from students.

Course contents

ISTQB’s Advanced Technical Test Analyst curriculum covers:

  • The tasks performed by a technical tester in connection with risk-based testing
  • White box testing techniques:
    • Choosing testing techniques
    • Condition testing
    • Modified condition / decision coverage (MC/DC) testing
    • Path testing
    • API testing
  • Analysis techniques
    • Static
    • Dynamic
  • Quality properties for technical testing
    • Planning
    • Security
    • Performance testing
    • Resource planning
    • Maintenance testing
    • Portability testing
  • Review checklists
  • Testing tools and automated tests


The course lasts 4 days decided into 2 modules.


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