The Fundamentals of Software Testing is a course that gives you the basic knowledge and fundamentals skills to work professionally with software testing.



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6- Learning objectives

You will gain basic knowledge of software testing, as well as the following other benefits:

  • You will know what testing is and why we test
  • You will know the different roles in testing
  • You learn fundamental testing processes
  • You practice creating effective test cases using several different testing techniques
  • You are familiar with test planning


Target audience

You have worked with software testing for a short period and want to gain theoretical knowledge, as well as a more professional approach to software testing and quality assurance. You also wish to prepare for the ISTQB Foundation certification course. Foundations of Structured Testing is designed for software testers, developers, and managers alike.  


Course overview

The course’s theoretical material adheres to ISTQB terminology and its recommended best practices.  There will be partner exercises, group exercises, and plenty of open discussions. This type of course, in which the students actively participate in instruction, makes it easier for students to relate to their own everyday work.



Our instructors are not only used to teaching software testing — they also have many years of practical experience from various IT projects, as well as knowledge of best practices, so you get the best instruction possible. They receive an average of 4.6/5 in reviews from students.


Course contents

This course is a great way to get started with professional testing and quality assurance. It includes:

  • Overview of testing projects
  • Roles in testing
  • Knowledge with reviews and their value
  • Knowledge of test planning
  • Risk-based testing
  • Basic testing techniques



2 days course.


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