No matter what type of app you have selected for your mobile solution, we can help you ensuring the quality. We have extensive experience and understanding of the different pitfalls and special focus areas associated with each app-type, and the entire ecosystem it is part of.

Test as a Service (TaaS)

TestHuset takes responsibility for repetitive testing of your mobile solution. We maintain test cases, tools, and mobile devices, so you can focus on development of new business-leading features.

No task is too small, nor too big. We help you with all aspects of quality assurance of your mobile solution, at organisational, strategic and operational levels.


Based on analysis of usage-statistics, we select and test on relevant and representative physical devices from TestHuset’s device bank, or on devices in the cloud via the most popular “Device Farm” services.


For testing mobile solutions, we use a variety of technologies, tools and test frameworks. Based on your existing tools, we can jointly identify the right solution that suits your infrastructure.

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