What should I do after ISTQB Foundation?

Did you take an ISTQB Foundation certification and now you are not sure which course is the next step for you?

After taking an ISTQB Foundation certification there are different options for further education. We have made a pitch on which courses or areas to investigate as your next step. The recommendation is based on what we have experienced most of our course participants asks for or chose to participate in after an ISTQB Foundation. Overall, these are the 3 following areas:

  • Agile courses
  • Test automation
  • Professionalism in testing

Agile Courses

With ISTQB Foundation you get the fundamental terms, principals, and techniques within testing and quality assurance. Therefore, the next step in your career could be putting some of the taught methods in context of agile development. Agile development has come to stay, but many companies still struggle with integrating their test in the sprint. That is why it is relevant for many people to further educate themselves in this direction.

You could e.g., take our 2-day practical course Fundamentals of Agile testing or our top-up certification, ISTQB Agile Tester Extension. Your consideration is primarily whether you want a course with certification or not. Are you not sure which course to take, then you can read our blogpost on the subject.

Test automation

Test automation is one of the keywords if you are to succeed in agile development. It is often even a presumption to run the test in each sprint. It is not necessarily everyone on the team that needs to be able to develop and implement an automation, but it is essential to, as both tester and test manager, have an overall understanding for which options there are within test automation, and how to contribute from a testing point of view.

We recommend that people with no technical experience or people needing to automate themselves, participate at our 1-day course Fundaments of Test automation. Are you a technical tester, developer or do you want to learn how to automate yourself, then we have different courses, depending on your experience, skills, and preferences of testing tools. You can read our blogpost on which course in automation you should choose.

Professionalism in testing

On ISTQB Foundation you get around topics within professionalism in testing. You acquire an understanding on how to work risk based, an overall understanding for controlling the test in a project, and training in testing techniques. You cannot deny that during the ISTQB Foundation course, there was a focus on the following exam. Both from the instructor and the participants. This could cause you to lose a little bit of focus on how to implement the different areas in your day-to-day life afterwards. We developed some practical courses where you will get the opportunity to dive into a topic, to work in-depth with different areas, and get some more hands-on experience.

Do you need to strengthen your testing techniques through plenty of exercises, then you can participate at our 2-day course, Testing Techniques. Do you wish to be able to do a risk analyses and facilitate a risk workshop, then our 1-day course Risk based testing might be something for you. If you are working as a test manager or coordinator then the course Test Management might be relevant because we e.g., work with different estimation techniques and in-depth planning and controlling of the test.

Still not sure?

Are you still not sure which course is the right one for you, then you can look at our overview of all our courses. You can also always contact us for personal counselling on your situation. Contact us either through phone: +45 44 979 979 or e-mail: info@triforkqi.com