Danish e-learning success launches international platform TriforkQI.com

The Danish competency development and consulting company for quality assurance and testing of digital solutions, TestHuset, is entering the international scene with the launch of the platform Trifork Quality Intelligence (QI). With this, clients all over the world can now benefit from the Danes’ e-learning expertise. TriforkQI.com is launched April 7, 2021, where course participants all over the world will gain access to the online courses.

”As part of our business strategy, we have in recent years developed our expertise and training courses to secure digital solutions, specifically to optimize the special opportunities online learning provides. Trifork QI is the epitome of our ambition; to offer the optimal e-learning, and we look forward to welcoming both existing and new international clients”, says Roland Møller, CTO, TestHuset and Trifork QI and continues:

Due to our far-sighted strategy, we were ready to push the button and meet our clients’ increased need for online education as the Corona pandemic hit the world and accelerated the development. We are now expanding our success in the e-learning market internationally through the platform Trifork QI and our office in Spain in Q2.”

A recipe for the optimal e-learning

The primary factor for the success of online courses – and hence the next international step taken with the TriforkQI platform – comes from a complete rethinking of the teaching method, which has been tailored to the digital learning universe:

Our participants tell us that our modular courses have just the right balance between teaching, group exercises and individual assignments. And then it’s all about the engagement. Our teachers are e-learning enthusiasts, they have extensive experience with this form of teaching, and they make sure to engage through visualizations using films, stories, drawings and digital assignments. This creates a high degree of involvement, and thus the optimal learning environment for our course participants to benefit from.”

A Nordic powerhouse

Trifork QI is owned by TestHuset A/S, a leader in the field of quality assurance and test of digital solutions in the Nordic region. TestHuset A/S and Trifork QI are both part of the international software innovation company Trifork.

Trifork QI works to ensure and improve the quality of digital solutions, by providing test, quality assurance advisory and consultancy support for public and private companies, and through competency development at their educational courses.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Roland Møller, CTO TestHuset and Trifork Quality Intelligence
Mail: rmo@testhuset.dk
Phone: +45 29 28 44 84

About TestHuset and Trifork QI
TestHuset A / S is a Danish-owned company established in 2005, which is a leader in the Nordic region within quality assurance and testing of digital solutions. TestHuset is headquartered in Copenhagen and employs 75+ employees in Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

Since 2018, TestHuset has been part of the international software innovation company Trifork, with offices in Holland, Germany, England, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Poland and Sweden, among others.

TestHuset will be launched internationally with the brand Trifork Quality Intelligence on April 7, 2021.

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