Fundamentals of performance testing is a 1-day course, giving you the introduction necessary to be able to include performance testing in you it-project.  




Learning objectives

After attending this course you will have a basic understanding of the nature and importance of performance testing. Furthermore you will gain a basic theoretical understanding of:

  • The prerequisites and the corresponding analysis work needed to write performance requirements and design a performance test.
  • Reading a performance test report and comparing it to the requirements
  • Which performance metrics are relevant
  • Why the performance test is necessary

Target audience

This course is aimed at anyone in test and development teams or IT-product departments, getting into or improving skills in specifying and/or testing performance conditions. This includes Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Testers and IT Managers.

The course is theory-based and not tool-specific, so knowledge of specific tools or coding languages is not a prerequisite.

Course overview

Starting with how a performance test designed and executed, taking it step by step, we will give you a thorough insight into what you can and should write requirements for.

The course is not tool-specific and will be focused on the general structure of a performance test, based on the described standards.

The covered contents will be summarized throughout the course via group exercises and dialogue. Furthermore, the course will cover plenty of real life examples, makes the theory more accessible.


Our teachers not only have experience teaching software testing, they also have years of practical experience from working different IT-projects. This gives you the best conditions for learning along with the knowledge of best practice. For that reason they get an average score of 4,96 out of 5 when rated by participants. Read more about our teachers at

Course contents

On the course, Fundamentals of performance testing, we discuss (among others) the following topics:

  • How to make testable requirement
  • What can be tested
  • Constructing a realistic test
  • Types of performance tests
  • Test environments
  • Test data
  • Test infrastructure
  • Monitoring
  • User- and load-profiles
  • Automated execution
  • Handling of integrations
  • Testing Cloud applications
  • Reading the results


The course is a 1-day course.


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