More businesses have now changed to agile development, which increases the need for technical skills of testers. SQL is one way to achieve this.



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Learning objectives

You will gain basic knowledge of SQL and relational databases, as well as the following other benefits:

  • You know what a relational database is and how it is constructed
  • You can use SQL to check and modify the contents of a database
  • Training in SQL in various testing situations
  • You know the terms and techniques used by developers and data architects
  • Help with preparing test data
  • Help with migrations and conversions
  • Help with database updates
  • Use SQL to extract data for reports in test management tools
  • Understand how data typically presented in a GUI is stored

Target audience

You are a software tester with at least one year of practical experience, and you are familiar with common testing concepts (corresponding to the ISTQB Foundation level). This course is particularly suited to testers working in an agile set-up who wish to contribute to solving more technically oriented problems. You are not expected to have any prior knowledge of database construction or SQL.

Course overview

This course is based on active participant involvement, with lots of exercises and direct practice with SQL statements in an application/database. TestHuset will provide a PC for use during the course.

There will be individual, partner, group, and whole-class exercises. The exercises mix theory and practice, with focus on practising real-world SQL. You will practice using both static and dynamic tests, with an emphasis on dynamic tests.


Our instructors are not only used to teaching software testing — they also have many years of practical experience from various IT projects, as well as knowledge of best practices, so you get the best instruction possible. They receive an average of 4.6/5 in reviews from students.

Course contents

This course is a great way to get started with professional testing and quality assurance. It includes:

  • Overview of a database, its construction, and its environment
  • Understanding of ER diagrams
  • Understanding of relational databases
  • Database management systems
  • MySQL and SQL instructions
  • Review of database design and its value in relation to databases
  • The use of SQL in a testing role


The course lasts 2 days.


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