Our consultants create value for our customers through their pragmatic and professional approach to software testing.

Their approach is based on a theoretical foundation and extensive experience with test projects. Trifork QI provides consultancy at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Test Mentors can help define and anchor the test process in the organization through coaching and change management advising.

Trifork QI also offers experienced Test Managers who knows how to successfully complete a test project, using a risk-based approach and actively involving both the business and IT development.


Our Test Consultants has domain knowledge and technical skills from many different industries and sectors.

With a foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, our consultants can execute the entire test process. This includes everything from requirement analysis, test case design, manual and automated test to error handling and reporting.


The main benefit of outsourcing the entire test area is direct access to a broad range of skills that would not otherwise be available within your organization.

Whether there is need for assistance in managing the entire test process, or simply a need for extra hands to test for a limited period of time, Trifork QIs experienced consultants can help – allowing the customer to focus on performing its core competences.

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